Avtech AVZ8136 36CH 8 Bay Smart XVR / DVR

  • Type : 36 Pentabrid DVR
  • Compression : H.264
  • HDD : 8 SATA 10 TB Each
  • Online :  Eagle eye/CMS
  • Origin : Taiwan

৳ 66,500.00 ৳ 70,000.00

Avtech DGD1005AV 4CH H.265 5MP XVR

  • Model: DGD1005AV
  • 4CH H.265 5MP recorder
  • M.I.T. (Made-in-Taiwan)
  • H.265 Compression
  • High-Resolution Recording

৳ 9,500.00 ৳ 10,000.00


  • Model: DGD2017AV
  • Compression Format H.265
  • XVR 16 Canali pentrabrid
  • Operating Windows & MAC
  • Operating Humidity 10% ~ 85% 

৳ 27,000.00 ৳ 29,000.00

Avtech AVZ408 PENTABRID 8 Channel DVR

  • Type : 8 Pentabrid DVR
  • Compression: H.264
  • HDD : 3 SATA 10 TB Each
  • Online: Eagle eye/CMS
  • EaZy Networking: Yes

৳ 22,500.00 ৳ 23,000.00


  • Model: DGD1009AV-U2
  • 8 Channel XVR
  • H.265 compression
  • EagleEyes/CMS online
  • PENTABRID Compatibility

৳ 16,500.00 ৳ 17,000.00

Avtech DGD1308 8 CHANNEL XVR

  • Model: DGD1308
  • Type: 8CH HD CCTV DVR
  • Compression Format: H.264
  • Support: 10TB SATA HDD x 2
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan

৳ 12,900.00 ৳ 13,000.00


  • Model: AVZ4017AV
  • Type: 16 Channel XVR
  • Compression: H.265
  • HDD Supported: 16TB SATA 
  • Online: EagleEyes/CMS

৳ 36,500.00 ৳ 38,000.00

Avtech DVR Bangladesh:

CCTV cameras have become popular for residential and commercial surveillance because they are effective deterrents for thieves and burglars. To complete the overall CCTV system, you need to choose the right digital video recorder that can store those recorded videos. Many people are confused about the three types of video recorders from Avtech, namely DVR, XVR, and NVR. Here, we will describe the differences between each of them, and help you choose the right one for your needs.

AVTECH, founded in 1996, is one of the world’s leading CCTV manufacturers. With stably increasing revenue and practical business running philosophy, AVTECH has been ranked as the largest public-listed company among the Taiwan surveillance industry. AVTECH makes every effort on the innovation of technology, product and implementation. Based on years of research and industry experience, AVTECH has obtained a leading position on mobile platform support and provides a full range of surveillance products.

AVTECH DVR Bangladesh:

The concept of AVTECH DVR interface design is similar to DVR, making XVR incredibly easy to use. You can experience HD video quality and real-time monitoring with the least effort, and meanwhile upgrade your CCTV system to IP-based video surveillance.

DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder and is the oldest type of video recorder among the three. A DVR records analogue signals coming from analogue cameras and compresses them into digital files. This type of recorder is still used to this day because it can record up to 16 channels and is compatible with traditional coaxial cables. Most DVRs can also show live footage, record videos, and perform playback on the same device.

XVR, on the other hand, refers to the Cross-platform Video Recorder. It is an upgraded version of a DVR that can support analogue, CVI, TVI, and IP cameras. An XVR can receive multiple video formats, making it versatile and highly adaptable. This device can record up to 16 channels, and some models can even go up to 32 channels. An XVR is a good option if you want flexible compatibility with different camera types.

Finally, an NVR means Network Video Recorder. This type of video recorder is suitable for modern IP cameras because it records digital data from IP cameras. An NVR is connected to an internet protocol (IP) network and can store high-resolution videos digitally. An NVR is preferred for those who want to have better video quality and transmission, as IP cameras typically provide clearer images. Most NVRs can also support motion detection, live streaming, and back up data automatically.

So, which one to choose? Your choice will depend on your CCTV camera’s type and your preference in the video’s quality and compatibility. If you already have analogue cameras, a DVR is sufficient and cost-effective. If you want flexibility to upgrade your camera system, an XVR is a good option. If you want a high-quality recording system, an NVR is the best choice.

H.265 Compression TechnologyPush Status – Active Event Notification with EagleEyes AppONVIF-CompliantRS485 CommunicationExternal Disk Array Support for More Video StoragePowerful Storage Capacity Avtech NVR Bangladesh, Trimatrik Avtech in BD; H.265 Advanced Video Compression
AVTECH new H.265 NVR series is taking the advantages of CMS as the main design concept to include more advanced functions into this series, such as IoT scenario setup, event pop-up, spot monitor etc., in addition to adopting the H.265 compression format to lower the bandwidth and boost your storage efficiency.

In the world of video compression technology, H.265 Advanced Video Compression is making waves as the newest standard. This technology works by using advanced algorithms and mathematical models, allowing for more efficient compression of video files. As a result, H.265 is capable of delivering higher quality video streams with lower bit rates and smaller files. With the increasing demand for high-quality video content across devices, H.265 has quickly become an essential tool for producers and distributors alike. Its benefits are clear – faster streaming, lower bandwidth costs, and higher-quality output. H.265 Advanced Video Compression has definitely earned its spot at the forefront of the video technology field.

Avtech Bangladesh – 4K2K embedded Plug & Play

Can be used with 4K2K display to show up to 5MP video images and get vivid details with supporting now 2MP / 3MP / 5MP video recording. H.265 compression technology: ↑ recording time & ↓ bandwidth requirement to improve with the recording & transmitting efficiency. POE embedded design. EaZy setup via mobile phone app or QR code (EaZy Networking.)Video…

The Avtech 4K/2K embedded Plug & Play NVR is a game-changer in the world of security systems. With its innovative design and technology, it truly stands out from the rest. The NVR’s embedded Plug & Play feature allows for effortless setup, making it perfect for both novice and experienced users. The 4K/2K resolution recording capability ensures that every detail is captured, ensuring maximum security. It’s a reliable and trustworthy solution that provides peace of mind, and with its user-friendly interface, the Avtech Plug & Play NVR will exceed your expectations.

AVTECH BANGLADESH – Intelligent detection & advanced IOT platform
AVTECH’s Intelligent detection & advanced IOT platform is poised to revolutionize the way we approach surveillance and monitoring. With cutting-edge technology and an innovative approach to data analysis, AVTECH’s platform allows for real-time monitoring and alerts, ensuring that any potential threats are identified and addressed immediately. This advanced system incorporates intelligent detection technology, which uses AI to identify and track objects, allowing for more accurate and efficient monitoring. AVTECH’s IOT platform also provides a comprehensive range of data analysis tools, giving users valuable insights into their operations and delivering actionable recommendations for improving efficiency and reducing costs. Simply put, AVTECH’s Intelligent detection & advanced IOT platform is the future of surveillance and monitoring, providing unparalleled safety and security for businesses, organizations, and individuals alike.

Built in IVS function ( People counting, Virtual fence and one-way Pass) to give simple big data
Built-in “IOT Scenario” platform allows customization of a series of actions to be executed automatically in sequence when a defined event is being triggered.

Avtech DVR Bangladesh – Push Video – Recorder

Efficient management of petrol personnel
There’s an event list on the right pane of the live display to show all the event logs and their corresponding icons for you to recognize the time and event type quickly. The most recent event log will be flashing to catch your attention. Click the log and you can see the event preview. You can also configure a secondary monitor to show event videos only when an event occurs.

Avtech DVR Bangladesh Trimatrik Avtech in Bangladesh:
To immediately know an event is happening, you can configure an event monitor, allowing the channel which has an alarm triggered to be popped up individually. The event monitor can be configured to be shown in the current display layout or displayed independently. Avtech in Bangladesh

To know more details about the status of each connected device, you can go to Health Check to see logs of events and video loss, and the status of fans and hard disks.

You can assign a specific channel of Device B (Target Device) to take actions (Go to a predefined preset point / Send Push Video / Send alarm-out signal) when a specific channel of Device A (Source Device) has an event occurrence. For example, when the CH1 of Device A has an PIR event, the CH9 of Device B will move to the pre-defined preset point.
In additional to the preset 12 display layouts, you can also customize one based on your need and assign this layout to replace the current one or display in a new window. This is useful when you have more than two monitors and want to assign each monitor’s display by different purposes.

Avtech DVR Price in Bangladesh 2024

AVTECH DGD1005AV 9,500.00
AVTECH DGD1308 12,900.00
AVTECH DGD1009AV 16,500.00
AVTECH DGD2017AV 27,000.00


CCTV cameras can efficiently improve your security system, but choosing the right type of video recorder is equally important. You should pick one that is most compatible with your existing or planned CCTV system without breaking the bank. Avtech DVR, XVR, and NVR can all record and store videos, but they have distinct differences that you need to consider. We hope that this article shed some light on the differences between each of the video recorders, and made your decision-making easier.